Help the peopleof Kherson

In connection with Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, a humanitarian catastrophe has almost begun in the communities of the Kherson region. Kherson is occupied. Even now, people have nothing to eat, there are no medicines. We try to support local people. Join this help.

Make your contribution

How to help Kherson?

You can donate to a grocery set - and we will deliver it to those people who need it most in Kherson (pensioners, large families, people with disabilities, etc.)

You can also support Kherson people with any amount:every kopeck will go towards the purchase of products!


How does it work?

Kherson Oblast is an agrarian region. Despite the fact that the occupiers are trying to create a humanitarian catastrophe, we still find an opportunity to buy Ukrainian products from Ukrainian entrepreneurs and farmers in the territory of the Kherson region.

1. You donate

On this site, you donate to a food kit (or several) via bank card or bank transfer

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2. We collect

After receiving funds, we purchase food products and form a food kit (or several).

3. We deliver

After forming a set (or several), we deliver it to those who need it most.

4. We report

After all the work is done, we will send you a personal report with information about how your support has helped people.

Are you ready to help the people?

Your support is extremely important for the residents of Kherson!

Product set

What's in the set?

The food set usually consists of vegetables, bread, canned foods, groats, and dairy products. Kherson Oblast is occupied, and therefore we cannot always buy everything. Depending on the situation and our capabilities, the contents of the set may change. 







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продуктові набори Херсон

Work process

When we have enough funds, we begin to search Ukrainian products in Kherson. Why search?
Because in Kherson every day it is more and more difficult to find goods of the Ukrainian manufacturer, because the occupiers have blocked the entire Kherson region, and since February 24 there has been no official "green" corridor for the delivery of Ukrainian humanitarian aid.
The people of Kherson were left without work, without medicine, without qualified help from doctors, without police, and without means of livelihood.
But the Kherson region is a region of agrarians. Many farmers and entrepreneurs stayed here to help the local population. It is from them that we buy products for humanitarian aid.

Some facts in numbers

From February 24, 2022, we focused on humanitarian aid to the residents of the Kherson region

2 453 291

Funds collected (UAH)

Both private individuals and international organizations and companies donate to our humanitarian work in the Kherson region

13 567

Help is delivered

A large percentage of people who receive humanitarian aid are children and pensioners who are hostages of the occupying "authorities"

5 992

Sets are formed

Food kits allow residents of the occupied territory not only to survive but also not to lose heart, realizing that they have not been forgotten

We are trusted

Private benefactors, philanthropists and ordinary people both from Ukraine and from other countries make a great contribution to the support of the residents of the Kherson region. We are also trusted by international organizations that help us in our difficult work.

UNDP helps kherson
IRF helps kherson
GSG helps kherson
BC helps kherson
EED helps kherson
EED helps kherson

Support Kherson Oblast

Even a small amount of support can save someone's life!

Together we have already helped